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Save Hours on researching prospects before a meeting

Intro is a Chrome Extension that shows you sales lead research on prospects on your Google Calendar. Account Executives, Sales Leaders, and Founders save 35 mins per day on research using Intro.
"Intro rules! It saves me hours every week on evaluating inbound leads. I'd would be such a pain to do it without Intro."
Emiliano Rodríguez-Wyler
Account Executive,


Selling is about asking the RIGHT questions

With Intro Chrome extension you will ask more insightful questions based on our sales lead research. You’ll uncover more problems that you can solve. And close more sales, faster.
  • You jump from Linkedin to Google to a CRM and bunch of other tools
  • You have to dedicate time before a meeting for research or block 30 mins each morning.
  • You sometimes miss important details that would save you time if your did your research right
  • You feel like the more prepared you are the better you sell but you don't have a clear process on how to do it
Without INTRO
  • Your research is done for you
  • You're always prepared for demo
  • You're more confident
  • You hit your numbers and you're winning
"Intro is a great workflow hack. I no longer need to check Google, LinkedIn, and Salesforce before every meeting. 10/10 recommend! 👏👏"
Brian Roach
Growth Specialist, KlientBoost


Last minute Linkedin searches are NOT FUN

Personal details at your fingertips.

Intro browsers through your prospect’s social media profiles so you don’t have to. You’ll always know their job title and where they went to school.

“So what your company does?”

Intro gives you a few sentence description of the company so you don’t have to go to their website and try to understand what they do.

"Intro is a no brainer. Great to see a context of the call directly in my calendar. Love it!"
Joe Osborne
Account Executive, Luz


But Linkedin is not the only place you check before a demo, right?

You also check your CRM.

Intro gives you direct link to the relevant CRM record so you can pick up where you left off.

Buying signals you care about.

Recent funding rounds, new job postings or how fast the company is growing are usually a sign of a great customer. Intro gives you your favorite buying signals so you can focus on closing more deals.

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