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No more researching prospects before a demo

Deeply understand your customers, identify prospect insights, and personalize every single sales interaction with one easy tool.
Save 5+ hours on pre-call research every week
Works with Zoom, Google Meets, and any modern video conferencing software.
See context and linkedin information on people in Google Meet
See context and linkedin information on people in Zoom

See relevant insights about your prospects inside Zoom or Meet.

No additional data provider needed. Rich and relevant insights about your attendees. Focus on selling and stop switching between a note taking tool and your prospect's website.

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You're 1-click away from pre-call research. That's it.

Use our shortcuts to pull up Intro once you join a meeting. No more tab switching. Always get a full picture of your prospects.

CMD + Y on Mac and Ctrl + Y on Windows to open Intro.

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See context on people in Zoom or Google Meet. Job title, Company size, location, and funding.

Maintain eye-contact while update your pipeline.

Never miss any details or the next steps. Update opportunities. Log notes and tasks. Create new deals directly from Intro.

No need to ever go to your CRM before and after the call.

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Like a calendar. Unlike any calendar you’ve ever seen.

Meetings link. Previous notes. Now days with back-to-back meetings are fun and you make more money.

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"My team now saves an hour a day on research before demo calls. They even update the next steps right in Zoom, so no details are missed."

Maintain eye-contact with your prospects while taking notes. Cut down 95% time spend on research.

Jason Holland, VP Global Business

How it works

1. Connect to a calendar

Login with Google Calendar. Outlook coming soon in Q3.

2. Open Intro during calls

Simply use CMD + I or Ctrl + I to open Intro.

3. Get relevant insights

Focus on selling. Leave pre-call research to Intro.

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1. Calendars

Login with Google Calendar.

Outlook coming soon in Q3.

2. Video calls

Works where you sell. Use it with Google Meet or Zoom.

MS Teams coming soon in Q3.

3. CRMs

Sync tasks, create opportunities, update next steps, and manage pipeline in Hubspot.
Salesforce coming soon in Q3.


What's your pricing?

It's free to use! We plan to introduce a paid plan later this summer with more features.

Does it only work with Zoom?

No, we use data from your calendar to display attendees' insights. You can use Intro with any modern conferencing software (Zoom, Google Meets, Whereby).

What CRMs do you integrate with?

In Q3 you will be able to connect to Salesforce and Hubspot CRM. Next up we will possibly connect to Zendesk, Close, and Pipedrive. So you can update the next steps directly on the call.

Can I make notes without a CRM?

Yes, you can use our notes! No need to add a CRM for this. You can access notes in your dashboard, but you can also see relevant notes to a specific person if you're meeting with them again.

I have some ideas/feedback. Where can I send it?

Feel free to send a note to Happy to hear your feedback.

Get ready for your next call, In seconds.