8 unique sales outreach ideas to land meetings and boost sales

8 unique sales outreach ideas to land meetings and boost sales

Successfully conducting sales all comes down to routines. There is only so much time in a day to sell. The more experience your salespeople have at completing their everyday tasks, the more time they have to concentrate on high-value activities like landing meetings or boosting your business sales.


However, remaining on the same process isn’t always the best idea. If you rely on the same techniques for your sales outreach and never try to change new tactics, you’ll miss out on some valuable opportunities for boosting your sales. After all, plenty of prospective customers will never get on your line of sight through traditional means. 

If you want to succeed at landing meetings and closing deals, you need to start stepping up your sales game. No matter how skilled your sales team is at what they do, they can benefit from some new ideas every once in a while. Think about it, your competitors are also using the same ideas when it comes to their own outreach. 

That means that your prospects are getting their email flooded every day by other competitors, which makes it difficult for you to get noticed. Sending a generic message to your list of prospects will only lead to low-quality results. The buyer behavior is continuously changing, so it's a good idea to have some unique outreach ideas to boost your sales and land meetings. 

For this article, we are going to go through eight unique sales outreach ideas. 

1. Send a handwritten note

While this could be considered obsolete by most people, in truth, it can be a refreshing experience in today’s digital and impersonal culture. For instance, if you send a handwritten letter to your prospect as a follow-up after a presentation or to thank them after the first successful sales, you can be reassured that they are more likely to pick up and return any future calls. 

Other reasons for you to send them a heartfelt letter include promotions, success in business ventures, birthdays, anniversaries, or even to show your appreciation after someone has given you their precious time. These kinds of gestures are ways to allow some humanity in your outreach and include a personal touch to your communication efforts. 

There are some things you should take into consideration when using this strategy. 

When you are pinning your letter, go the whole nine yards and send the letter to their business address envelope with stamps. Sending them these letters to their mail inbox will surely impress the recipient and impressed them by showing them you mean what you are saying.

You should also use custom stationery instead of ordinary cards. It gives you the chance to focus attention on your manners, which will be noticed by your potential customer. Doing so permits you to differentiate yourself and leads your customer and business partners to establish a personal connection with you. Lastly, do not forget to make sure your writing is neat and legible.

There are several businesses out there that have taken personal letters to a whole other level.

For instance, Hootsuite managed to develop Hootkit, a personalized package that is made up of branded t-shirts, stickers, and other exciting promo merchandise. The company has claimed that its audience loves these goodies. 

Buffer has also had a similar manner of thanking their customers and clients. Their thank-you note comes with some excellently designed swag and has led to the business developing a positive image on their brand to their target audience. 

2. Empowering your network

Places like social media are crucial for your outreach channel. While some statistics argue that email is far more effective at prompting purchases than other networks, social media platforms are excellent for expanding your reach and boosting your brand exposure. 

If you have a social media outreach strategy that is efficient and executed, you can not only learn more about your target audience but also connect with them on a personal level. For this part, you need to keep several things in mind when using these channels. 

First off, make sure your posts are always consistent in terms of frequency and quality, along with your voice and tone. That makes sure your brand is recognizable, and it will help you generate customer trust and loyalty. 

Make sure that your posts remain consistent in terms of frequency and quality, as well as brand voice and tone. That will guarantee that your brand is recognizable, and it will aid in developing customer confidence and loyalty.

You need to interact with your followers on these networking channels and respond to everyone's questions or remarks. Never ignore any of the criticism or negative feedback sent your way. If you delete these negative reviews, you will be damaging your reputation in front of your target audience. Turn these moments into something positive by politely responding to these individuals who leave negative comments. And promise that you will look into their companies and improve upon them if necessary. 

Reaching out to your prospect through these networking channels is a great way to spread the word about your company. If you are interested in reaching out to eCommerce companies, consider using our platform Intro.so to reach out to the decision-makers in this industry. 

3. Stand out

The number of people working in sales teams could populate a small country. The number of cold calls made each day could be counted in the millions of digits. However, most of those calls don’t reach the decision-makers of the company. If you want to reach out to these customers, you need to find a way that makes you stand out from the rest of the crowd.

Standing out as a salesperson will involve breaking the usual mold that you are most likely used to instead of doing what everyone else is doing. While making calls and sending emails are crucial and helpful, you need to break this pattern with these mediums as well. After all, if these are the only strategies you are using, you will have a challenging time getting noticed. 

For example, if you ever go to a conference where your prospects congregate, make sure to wear something that makes you stand out to them. Hand out some unique business cards that will ensure they keep them and look through them at a later date.  You could also hand out letters to any prospect that you are interested in reaching out to as well. 

4. Create an engaging video

Videos have become a popular format in the past years, and sales teams are embracing this as another tool for outreaching. While it is far more effective when you are meeting your customers face to face, distance and time can prevent this at times. 

However, making a sales video these days is quite easy to pull off, and it does not require a massive budget. If you already have a smartphone or computer, then you already have everything you need to get started. All you need to do is come up with some ideas for your presentation and prospects to send the video. 

The recording method you use is secondary compared to the way you are going to present yourself to your audience, which is far more vital. Show them that you understand the customer's pain points and explain to them how you can assist them. If you pull this off correctly, you will be raking in more meetings and closing deals. 

5. Become personal

Coming up with a personalized experience can be quite time-consuming than sending out tons of emails. However, making the purchasing experience about the customer can cause you to see a boost in sales. Personalization comes down to developing a memorable experience for each prospect.

Sending them a message that says that you enjoyed their latest blog post won’t get you anywhere. Your prospects are aware that these messages are sent out to every other prospect on your list. If the messages you are sending out are not personalized and not about them, they will move on and ignore it. 

The most skilled salespeople out there are spending time personalizing their outreach strategy. It can range from referencing a specific item, such as a case study for a product. Begin with an email template, but change it up enough to fit each of your prospects. Once they notice that you have taken the time and effort to personalize it for them, your prospect will be far more interested in answering your messages and learning more about what you are selling. 

6. Bring up the competition

Getting beaten by the competition is something no business likes to experience. Being aware of who your competition is and what they are offering can assist you with standing out. In the world of sales, there will always be competition trying to outpace.  

Instead of ignoring the other options they can find in your industry, take the time to talk about your competitors. However, make sure you do not trash talk the competitions. It makes you seem weak and unprofessional. Speaking poorly about another competitor could cause your prospect to be entirely turned off and end up going with another business instead. 

Of course, you may be wondering why you should give your competitor free publicity in your messages? After all, you are spending valuable resources on marketing your product, not theirs. 

Doing so will allow you to tell your prospects what’s different about your offering compared to theirs. Explain the features and benefits that lift your product above the competition without having to look down on them. 

Keep in mind that developing a relationship with a prospect is far more crucial than defeating your competition. Your prospect does not want to be informed about how terrible someone else is. They want to know what your company is worth their time. 

7. Be kind to the gatekeepers

When it comes to dealing with assistance and HR, salespeople will pull every trick on the book to bypass them and get to the decision-makers. After all, why would anyone want to waste their time speaking to someone who has no say in the purchasing decision? 

Trying to blow these people off won’t work in your favor, however. Those HR and assistant people are capable of either make or break you. They are dealing with dozens of cold calls each passing week and are doing everything they can to preserve their boss’s precious time. 

Instead of attempting to bypass them with some trickery, include those gatekeepers in your sales outreach. Looking their social media up and seeing what they enjoy or what challenges they deal with daily. Then offer them meaningful gifts such as tea brands or a discount tool they could use for their work. 

This could end up helping you in the long run. Do not forget to follow up and send them a thank you letter or gift once you have reached the decision-maker. 

8. Improve your message with emojis

Emojis and emoticons used to be considered unprofessional for business correspondence, but that has changed in recent years. These colorful symbols can make your outreach a bit more appealing and relatable and make otherwise bland and impersonal email communications a far more pleasurable experience to read through. 

Everyone is aware that digital communication suffers from a lack of finances you expect from face-to-face communication, such as body language, facial expressions, gestures, and tone of a person's voice. 

If you properly use them, emoticons and emojis can compensate for the lack of actions and turn a static subject into an engaging message. Just make sure you don't overdo them or use them in places that deliver the wrong context. 


Introducing these unique sales outreach ideas will ensure your company manages to step up its game in ways your competitors will not expect. Deviating a bit from your usual strategy will ensure you can get an excellent line of meetings and sales heading your way. It also makes the prospect grateful and interested that they have received something more refreshing compared to the traditional methods they have to deal with.