Announcement: Leads Copilot ⚡️

Announcement: Leads Copilot ⚡️

You land a meeting with a prospect that looks awesome on paper.

You somehow reached out to them when the timing was perfect.

But it gets better...

They are hiring a lot. They just raised a big round. They NEED your product.

You jump on a Zoom call and they are just awesome. Great small talk. Great pain points. You think" they really like me!".

A month later - they are a client. A happy client that just referred you to a few leads and gave you a testimonial.


If you are lucky enough to have this moment, congrats. The question is how you get more of these customers.

INTRODUCING: Leads copilot by Intro

Go to INTRO Dashboard to learn more.

You use Intro to prepare for sales calls 90% faster. We use our magic to them build a profile of your PERFECT customer. And we simply get you a list of these customers.

So you can reach out to them with PERFECT TIMING.

Here is how.

  1. You tell us which meetings were great.
  2. We analyze the people you spoke with
  3. We give you a list of people that match your great meetings

Go to INTRO Dashboard to learn more.