August Product Update - HubSpot Integration

August Product Update - HubSpot Integration

Finally, a deep HubSpot Integration that saves hours on updating CRM notes.

Now you can create, add, edit and manage HubSpot deals in real-time without even going to your CRM. Everything from logging notes or tasks to changing the deal stage, in seconds. Update HubSpot Sales CRM faster.

Let's get started with HubSpot integration

Here are a few key takeaways on why you should use our HubSpot integration:

#1 Save time on updating CRM notes

No more switching tabs to get to a specific record in your CRM to post notes from the call. Simply update the next steps directly on the call without breaking focus.

#2 Increase pipeline visibility

With Intro, it's super easy to update HubSpot. This way your whole team can view notes and important insights in minutes after the call, not days.

Update HubSpot Sales CRM faster

So here is what you can do with HubSpot integration in

If you want to see how we're managing your HubSpot information, check out our security integration deck.

What you can expect from Intro next?

So on the next product release show you more productivity hacks. We're thinking of doing more keywords shortcuts.

Anything else?

Feel free to jump a quick feedback call or send your thoughts inside the app.