Dear friends, users, partners, investors, and competitors,

Sales are hard, stressful, but also rewarding. And most salespeople love it. That's why there are a ton of companies trying to make sellers' life easier. From remembering people (CRMs) to chatting with people (Sales Enablement) to chasing customers to finalize the deal.

But after over 2 years of trying to solve sales teams’ problems, we found the biggest one yet to be solved.

With all of that glory from big saas companies, they create new products. New tools. New place where sales teams collaborate. With more accurate and deeper data, insights.

Because having information and research about people you meet can give you a unique opportunity to ask more insightful questions. A simple advantage. But extremely powerful as a seller.

The problem is that salespeople use a ton of tools where the info is stored.

A BRAIN being a CRM. A HEART being Linkedin.

And all the others like prospecting tools, email inboxes, calendars, personal notes, and slack messages.

We hope to bring that together. All insights about people you interact, always accessible. Within the browser. No tab switching. No logging into multiple tools. No last-minute google searches about recent news.

You’re a machine. So you should work like one. Like Tony Stark. 

And us being a Jarvis that always shows you relevant research and information about people you interact with. 

From jumping on a sales zoom call to answering emails to simply browsing your favorite media publication.

We plan to have your back. So you always know how are you interacting with.

Like Grammarly shows you mistakes you’ve made in your writing. We plan to show you insights that you’ve missed in your research. All within your browser.

Stay tuned.