What is research-led sales approach?

What is research-led sales approach?

Sales-led. Marketing-led. Product-led. Just a catchy phrase that describes how you get customers.

In Sales-led - you get customers by having a sales team reach out to prospects.
In Marketing-led - you create content, run webinars, buy ads and try to convince prospects to try out your product or contact you.
In Product-led - you focus your efforts getting prospects to use your product and they have a sales team talk to users to get a deal done.

This is a simplification -- but I think the underlying approach is hidden in the question:

What do you know about your prospect before you talk to you?

In Sales-led - you know a bit like their size or the industry
In Marketing-led you know what content their liked or what webinar they attended
In Product-led - you know what features they used

That’s why I think we need Research-led sales.

An approach where you know everything about your prospects before you even talk to them.

The problem is why there is no research-led approach is because it’s extremely time consuming.

Why would you spend 30 mins researching someone that you are not even sure will pick up the phone?

Why would you spend 30 mins researching someone that you are not even sure will use the specific feature?

You get the idea.

Introducing a research-led approach. Where in-depth research is done for you, at every stage of the sales process.

Intro Sales Research Platform is the first of the kind platform where we not only help you with research before a sales conversation but also use our research to find prospects that match your current customers.

So you can literally have more customers like you currently have.

Stay tuned for Q1 on how we'll solve this.