Sales conferences to lookout for in 2021

Sales conferences to lookout for in 2021

Throughout 2020 sales leaders and representatives spend the entire time trying to come up with ways that would ensure their respective companies would survive through one of the most troubling times. Every strategy that had previously worked had been thrown out the windows, and news ones had to be thought up as the pandemic soared to an all-time high. 

2020 made tons of sales teams come up with a variety of strategies that ensured they not only kept their companies afloat but introduced some innovations that were previously unheard of or untested. Unfortunately, they were not able to show off these strategies to other colleagues in the sales field due to COVID-19. The events that would happen yearly had shut down due to concerns of spreading the virus even further. 

While 2021 didn’t make the virus magically appear, it is slowly starting to drop as vaccines are being distributed among the populace. Even so, it is going to take some time before COVID-19 goes away entirely. Since COVID-19 is still here, these conferences have decided to use the power of technology to set up virtual conferences. While it may not be ideal to physically be there, these virtual sales conferences are guaranteed to be very beneficial for networking with fellow sales representatives and learning something new. 

For this post, we are sharing some of the best sales conferences every salesperson should participate in. 

1.OutBound 2021 June 15-18

The Outbound conference is an event that has dedicated itself to helping sales professionals, sales leaders, and sales businesses improve their sales productivity, prospecting, and pipeline velocity. Outbound is considered one of the most popular conferences in the sales industry and has managed to attract over 1,2000 attendees from across the globe, with those numbers growing every year. 

The conference features some exciting lineups each year, with some of the most well-known speakers and trainers offering advice for anyone interested in improving their sales knowledge and skillset. Outbound was created to provide for salespeople who are attempting to achieve a higher reach. This conference appeals to sales teams who “want to up-skill, recharge, and gain a decisive competitive advantage.”

The conference for this year usually takes place in Atlanta, Georgia. However, with the pandemic, this event will occur virtually. Between June 15 to 18, several respected professionals will appear and offer advice on the current state of sales. You can expect people like Anthony Iannarino, Jeb Blount, Mark Hunter, and Victor Antonio. With 35 speakers, you can expect to receive some of the finest advice related to sales. 

2. The Tenbound Sales Development Conference June 24

The Tenbound Sales Development Conferences brings together some of the best people in the field of sales development. Every speaker involved in this conference is a professional in the field of sales development. They are here to provide you with the information you need to leverage your business. Attendees will be able to network with SDRs, Marketers, C-Level executives, and owners for an entire day. The conference is focused on sales development and guarantees knowledge for any aspiring sales developer leader. 

With the sales development industry changing and the challenges presented by the pandemic, plenty of companies have had to downsize their spending budget and SDR team headcount, all while attempting to maintain their sales pipelines and revenue. With the pressure being placed on sales development leaders, Tenbound decided to provide the best showing they could this year by gathering some of the best minds in the industry and focusing on tactics that work today. The conference has ensured the quality of presentation from sales development leaders will be high quality and actionable for both virtual and in-person settings. 

The conference will have general presentations, chat sessions, and panel discussions lead by some of the best experts in the industry. Anyone involved in sales development will receive immense value from being a part of this event. 

3. Traffic & Conversion Summit 2021 Sep, 13 - 15, 2021

Traffic and Conversion Summit is one of the largest gatherings for professionals in the field of marketing. The summit will be held in San Diego from September 13 till 15 this year. It has thousands of people from all over the world gathering to speak about their success. It offers some incredibly useful knowledge that is guaranteed to assist anyone out there who wishes to improve their trafficking and conversions. Keep in mind that these speakers are people who already succeed at increasing traffic and conversion rates, so they know what they are talking about while on stage. 

Traffic and Conversion summit offers three days of actionable, proven, strategic information from some of the best people who were once in your shoes and have managed to turn their business into a successful enterprise. Everything presented to the audience is something that has been proven possible, meaning no conceptual thoughts or theoretical strategies will be presented during this summit. The summit will guarantee you leave with a notebook filled with advice and tactics applicable to your business. 

The summit will have some well-known names speaking up on stage. Here to provide you with the latest information and insight are keynote speakers such as Gary Vaynerchuck, Dave Asprey, Mari Smith, Daymond John, and Kevin O’Leary. 

4. Sales Team Accelerator Retreat Sep, 21 

The Sales Team Accelerator Retreat (STAR) is the number one event for sales leadership and business teams to leverage people, processes, and technology to develop peak-performance sales organizations. The participants will take the to learn and share with their peers in performing scalable revenue growth strategies. They will also take the time to learn how to design, create and manage their sales organizations. Attendees will learn and share the process of developing a sales force, including onboarding, coaching, recruiting, and implementing sales strategies that offer a business a way to surpass sales goals. 

Topics will range from accounting management policies, forecasting, team training, and development. The discussion will extend to setting sales targets and performance, evaluation, and monitoring methods. Attendees will also come to understand business activities and processes that assist a sales organization run effectively, efficiently and support the organization's strategies and goals. 

Other topics that shall be discussed during this event include dashboards, technology, data management, lead generation, analytics, forecasting, business insight, reporting, and administration. Speakers will also further divulge information on accounting strategies, outbound prospecting, social selling, upsell, and cross-selling techniques. Overall, this event will provide you with information on some of the best sales practices in the industry. 

5. Sales Enablement Soirée, Americas 2021 Sep, 23

Sales Enablement Soiree is an event that was started back in 2016. The purpose of this conference is to provide a place for thought leaders and professionals to dispense their knowledge and best practices. Since its inception, the event has managed to gather thousands of sales representatives craving advice, expertise, and collaborative works on topics of sales enablement. 

Sales Enablement Pro has already had a couple of events this year, and they have more linked up on their calendar for the coming year. The most interesting one out of all of the ones on the calendar would have to be the Sales Enablement Soirée, which is set to be hosted in San Francisco, California. 

The event manages to attract some of the best thought leaders in sales enablement, who are all prepared to share their knowledge on the trade. Attendees will learn the best practices for sales engagement and how to onboard a company from leadership to the team level. The conference is a casual yet exciting event that will have tons of people dishing out some of the juiciest knowledge on sales. 

The event is supposed to last for one day and takes place in person. However, there may be a virtual addition for those who are incapable or do not wish to attend an in-person event for safety reasons. It starts on September 23, 2021. 

6. SaaStr Annual 2021 Sep 27–29

Since its inception in 2015, the SaaStr Annual conference is one of the largest conferences of its kind. The event brings together some of the most well-known experts in the field and global leaders to a single platform. The purpose of this event is to provide a place where professionals can tell their SaaS stories and provide the playbook behind them to the public. The SaaStr Annual gathers some of the most popular brands such as Adobe, Google Cloud, HubSpot, and Salesforce. The number of global business leaders that featured in the past conferences is outstanding, making this an event no one should miss out on this year. 

The SaaStr conference has several objectives that it’s attempting to achieve. The first one is to discuss the end-to-end process of developing a streamlined, scalable, and successful SaaS. It also wants to discuss ideas concerning technology in the SaaS sphere and the best practices to leverage them. It also teaches how to establish a strategic management mindset that concentrates on developing the best possible teams and using your strengths to enhance branding. Lastly, teaching how to effectively build sales and marketing expertise in every member of a project you scale. 

The conference has something to offer for pretty much anyone, whether you're looking to adopt B2B software or a sales rep looking to learn more about how it works. The speaker panel for SaaStr always has an excellent mix of founders and CEOs from some of the finest SaaS companies. This year will hold a lineup of SaaS professionals and B2B founders from enterprising businesses. The conference will be held virtually and promises value-packed knowledge for two days. It also promises to have hundreds of workshops and thousands of mentoring sessions, along with evening events as an additional bonus. 

7. Sales Success Summit 2021 Oct, 11–12

The Sales Success Summit is an event hosted in Austin, TX. The event was created by sales professionals for sales professionals. The conference offers salespeople the opportunity to learn and speak to many of the top producing sellers who have appeared on the Sales Success Stories Podcast. These people are the best sellers around since they are in the top 1% of their business. The event is supposed to offer a memorable experience that inspires, motivates, and imparts information that can help you take your sales to a whole new level. 

For this year's summit, it is currently an in-person event without an option to join virtually available on the website. The ticket price at the moment is $1349, but the prices continue to increase by $50 per month. It will continue doing so every month until the date of the conference. The highest amount for a ticket admission to the event is $1599. So, if you are interested in visiting this event, make sure to get it before October for a more affordable price. 

8. The Sales Conference Nov, 18th

The Sales Conference was started by Prosales Institute ten years ago to inspire the next sales leaders and provide them with the information they need to drive real growth. The insight provided to these future sales leaders gives them the capability to build the sales organization of the future. Since they switched to a digital format back in 2020, they have decided to broadcast the conference virtually for 2021. With this decision, sales professionals and B2B executives from all over the world will be able to enjoy the event. 

The Sales conference is intended for people who wish to become at the forefront of the development of sales. Those who decide to attend the event will meet CEOs, sales managers, commercial leaders, marketing managers, business development managers, product managers, and business area managers. Anyone interested in business will feel at home during this conference. 


Sales conferences provide people with some of the best information and insight from professionals in the field. Participating in these conferences will ensure you improve your skills and walk away with some excellent advice that helps you in the future. Most of these will be available for virtual watching, so consider checking them out to improve your sales. Some of them are still undecided if they will offer a virtual version, so it pays to keep watch over these events.