The top sales tools for Zoom

The top sales tools for Zoom

Zoom calls have become the norm in today’s world. Everyone is using Zoom to connect for business meetings or general chit-chat. The platform has become a necessary tool for many businesses out there that have employees working from home. Zoom provides a great experience for many of its users, granting features that make it seamless for anyone to quickly pick up and get ready for their daily conference calls. 

Zoom came into popularity throughout the years. However, with COVID-19 forcing everyone to work from home, Zoom became one of the most used tools out there. The platform managed to become one of the quickest growing platforms during the pandemic, with meeting participants going up by 2900%. By December 2020, the platform managed to acquire over 470,000 business customers. 

As great a Zoom is, I’m sure you wish other features could further improve the way your sales team can conduct their business. Fortunately, there are ways to enhance Zoom, and that’s by installing apps. Zoom has set up an App Marketplace containing hundreds of free apps that can be downloaded to improve your Zoom experience. 

Your sales team needs to be equipped with the best tools to ensure their collaboration, productivity, and efficiency are at an all-time high. That is why we are going to provide you with a list of extensions you can download to improve your Zoom experience. Here is our list of some of the best Zoom extensions for salespeople.

The ability to speak to someone through a video conference is an excellent way to continue selling your products or services. Technology has granted people a way to continue communicating while still hearing and seeing each other. However, it can be troublesome for salespeople to update their CRM or take down notes when they are in the middle of a conference call. Needing to switch between different platforms makes it difficult to maintain eye contact with the prospect. The client will become aware that you are paying attention to them and are fiddling with other things on your screen instead. That lack of eye contact will make them doubt your sales team and lead to the prospect becoming less interested in what you're selling. 

That’s why you should install The extension offers you the ability to log into the Zoom call a miniature earlier than the meeting is supposed to start. Think of it this way, if you manage to set your login time for Zoom at 1:59 PM for your 2 PM meeting, you’ll be prepared just like a professional at a TED talk. Using this extension will allow you to see the attendee’s company details, relevant CRM notes, and LinkedIn activity, all while still on Zoom. Your sales team will never miss out on any details or next steps as they continue to update the CRM fields or make notes while speaking to the prospect. 


Chances are, you and your sales team are using Gmail to communicate with prospects and each other. Emails are one of the many services that go hand in hand with Zoom meetings. At times, you may need to check your email to download a document that was sent to you by the client the previous day but had forgotten to do so before the call. The extension can come in handy for quickly checking the email and downloading the document without needing to hop between windows. The extension also allows you to schedule and start meetings, along with managing zoom. Your team will now be able to handle their emails and keep track of the meeting. 


Slack has become a tool that many professionals have adopted to remain in contact with the rest of their teams. Fortunately for Slack users, Zoom has an extension that allows you to integrate the video conferencing platform into Slack's ecosystem. Managers will have the ability to begin meetings directly from a Slack channel or group. All they need to do is enter the command “/zoom.” It also updates you whenever someone joins or leaves the meeting space, along with receiving meeting summaries and sharing meeting records, all from Slack. The extension also allows you to call your Zoom Phone contacts with the “/zoom call” command. 


SurveyMonkey is a definitive surveying tool that has an extension available for Zoom. If you’ve ever wanted to receive feedback from your team or prospects, then creating a survey through Zoom is now possible thanks to this extension. The SurveyMonkey Zoom add-on is easy to use and is an excellent way to gain feedback from everyone in the room. All you need to do is type in “/smcreate” along with the name of the survey and press enter. The chat app will create surveys on the SurveyMonkey website and allow you to enter a few multiple-choice options. Once done, you save the survey questions and send them to the channel that has the people you want to receive feedback. You can also click the subscribe button to receive notifications whenever someone answers the survey. All of this is done through Zoom’s chat channels. 


Closing your deals faster is something every salesperson wants to achieve. Fortunately for them, Salesforce is available on Zoom as an integration. The Salesforce extension offers you the ability to add a new lead in your CRM whenever someone registers to be a part of your Zoom webinar. No need to deal with the hassle of manually inputting the information down. All your team needs to do is follow through with the lead later on. The extension also makes it possible for you to set up Zoom meetings automatically scheduled as events in Salesforce. 

The meeting you start with your contacts will be recorded into your Salesforce activity history, avoiding any potential mistakes of re-contacting them too early. Furthermore, users can use the Zoom Phone dialer to begin and manage their Zoom Phone calls, automatically log call activity, and enter contacts right from the Salesforce interface into Zoom Phone.

Gong allows you to record, transcribe, and analyze Zoom meetings scheduled in G-Suite. The information you collected from your meeting grants you insight that you monitor and remain on top of your team’s sales performance. Since Gong is one of the few recording tools that work natively on Zoom, your sales reps and prospects can continue their meeting without needing guidance on how to use the tool or the interruptions involved. 

When you integrate Gong into Zoom, participants will automatically be prompted to give video consent during the start of the Zoom meeting. Once the meeting has ended, every recording is automatically uploaded at Gong in HD quality. If you want to gain even more data concerning your sales meeting, Gong has an AI that analyzes all of your Zoom meetings. It identifies coaching opportunities, handles risks and vital moments that assist your team in closing more deals.

Otter.AI is the topmost integration for transcribing your video conferences. Installing Otter as one of your many Zoom interactions, the extension will proceed to automatically download your meetings once they are done and provide you with a transcription. The tool is capable of capturing all of the information in the conference accurately, without the need for one of your team members to quickly take note during the whole meeting. 

If you manage to purchase the Teams subscription from Otter, you will have access to live meeting transcriptions and live meeting captions. The Live transcriptions work on carrying out collaborative notes, where participants can view, highlight, comment, and include pictures to the transcription in real-time. Otter’s business plan begins at $20 per user each month. 

Google Calendar

Integrating Zoom with Google Calendar will provide you with a service that quickly and easily connects you with all web-based apps. The integration process is easy to do, and it grants you access to a schedule that can be used to start meetings on Zoom and automatically include it onto any Google Calendar of your choice. That feature is quite handy for projects that are shared among the team calendars. It also makes internal communication and organizing team meetings much smoother. 

If any of your team’s projects heavily rely on shared calendars, this extension is especially helpful since you won’t need to spend extra time filling up the calendar invite. The calendar can even have direct links from Zoom automatically added to the corresponding meeting, so when it’s finally time to meet up, you only need to click on the link and connect. If your team utilizes Google calendar or needs to schedule a ton of meetings, this extension shall save you a lot of time and effort, streamlining the procedure and communication. 


Coda is an excellent tool that helps you manage meeting notes and log your project activity. If you want to make your work a little more manageable, then you should integrate this extension.  For example, if your team has to attend a lot of meetings, having this tool will help them keep track of all the tasks. When you install Coda, your future Zoom meetings will generate a corresponding row in the Coda table. That table is there to ensure you are not mixing up meetings and notes. The extension also helps with sharing your thoughts or ideas with your team concerning any specific conference. While it is a simple tool to include in your Zoom, it vastly improves your team's productivity. 


Dropbox is one of the most popular file-sharing services in the world. It provides your team a service that allows them to share and backup files in a cloud-based storage platform. Since too many teams are already relying on both Dropbox and Zoom for their daily needs, it makes sense to integrate these two tools. The extension offers you and your team an excellent way to get even more out of the tool you already use. By integrating Dropbox and Zoom, you’ll be able to immediately begin a Zoom meeting from a Dropbox file, automatically copy transcripts and meeting records from Zoom straight into Dropbox. You can also quickly present Dropbox files on-screen during the middle of a meeting.

Chorus is a Zoom integration that allows you to record, transcribe and analyze conversations in real-time. The extension helps you coach your sales reps to meet their daily quotas. The app focuses on ideas that ensure you examine the conversation, onboard and coach sales reps around the pipeline, forecast, and ad revenue. You can also join Zoom meetings, record conversations, and share screens. When a group of people enters the meeting at the same time, Chorus identities them as separate individuals for accurate data. The extension will ensure you receive a very detailed transcript as soon as the call ends and leverage them for the email follow-ups and CRM updates. 


Chances are, you are relying on things like webinars to improve your sales. Fortunately, there is an assortment of Zoom extensions at your disposal to assist you with tracking registration before and after. Tracking those leads allows you to follow up with them once you’ve acquired their data. Integrating Mailchimp into zoom provides you with an effective method of managing your email follow-ups with webinar registrants. Best of all, the integration of Mailchimp allows you to configure it both ways, which means you can set it up to automatically include new webinar registrants as MailChimp subscribers or the reverse, where new subscribers become webinar registrars. 


Integrating Zapier onto Zoom provides you with an online automation tool that lets you set off actions whenever a Zoom meeting or Zoom webinar begins. For example, if you are hosting a Zoom webinar, once the participants have finalized their PayPal payment, Zapier automatically registers them for your webinar. Furthermore, Zapier contains over 1,500 app integrations that can be used alongside Zoom. Combining both of these tools will allow you to automate pretty much anything, making your sales process much more manageable. 


Zoom has provided people with a robust way to communicate with each other. You need to ensure that your sales team is taking advantage of these extensions to improve their productivity and efficiency. With strategies like cold calling becoming more about reaching people through video conferencing platforms, ensuring your team has the tool they need to close those sales is becoming essential.