What are the best platforms for lead generation in 2022

What are the best platforms for lead generation in 2022

The best-led generation platforms make it easier for a business to capture high-quality leads with minimal amounts of manual outreach and follow-up as possible. Although, creating a scalable lead generation machine can be challenging. When you finally manage to get the ball rolling, it can be very satisfying.

There are tons of lead generation platforms to choose from, and some of them are better suited than others. Moreover, plenty of them are no longer capable of providing the same ROI as they once did because of overused strategies and lack of improved innovation.

This is why I’m going to go through several lead generation platforms with you that will help grow your business throughout the year. Here are the best platforms for lead generation in 2022!


SumoDash is your one stop shop for all your content marketing needs. With SumoDash you can double your organic search traffic, inbound leads, and grow your brand awareness with an effective and actionable content marketing strategy.

The team over at SumoDash handles everything with content marketing from researching your target audience, writing the articles, and promoting them across different marketing channels.


Unbounce is a well-known land page builder that is usually the first one to appear on most people lists. This platform features some of the best drag-and-drop creators on the market. It may not be friendly for beginners, but it is one of the most advanced builders available at the moment. 

However, Unbounce does offer far more than merely building some fancy-looking landing pages. It places all the right emphasis on landing pages that convert, which is the whole reason for creating them in the first place. 

The platform also offers support for A/B testing, Adwords integration, and visitor states. With these features at your disposal, you will have one of the best well-rounded builders on the market. 


MobileMonkey is a multi-channel chat builder and automation platform that allows you the capability to build chat campaign content once and use it on various channels while unifying customer support chat in a single streamlined inbox.

Using MobileMonkey chatbots offers you the ability to make lead capture, lead qualification, and lead nurturing easier through live chat for your website, SMS text messaging, Messenger for Facebook and Instagram, along with other popular chat channels, from a single platform. 

The platform will allow you to use proactive live chat to engage prospects and customers on your website. You can also set up Facebook and Instagram post autoresponders to acquire the contact information of anyone who comments on your content. Additionally, you can run a giveaway or content with Messenger chatbots on Facebook or Instagram. 

Plus, you can run remarketing campaigns with interactive Facebook and Instagram Messenger ads to turn those leads into sales. 


Intercom offers you the capability to communicate directly with leads who are visiting your website. That allows you to set up rules to display messages to these visitors when specific conditions are met. For instance, if a user spends over sixty seconds on your pricing page and is on their second visit, you could display a message that offers your assistance to them.

Your team can speak directly with the visitors or even jump on video chat directly from the live chat window. 

Intercom is a tool that offers its users immense power and control over the way they interact with their customers. It also allows you to gather product feedback and understand objections, along with gathering leads who are searching around your website. 

Intercom is an excellent tool when you want sales, marketing, and support features under a single roof. 


Qualaroo is a tool that allows you to perform on-site polling that can not only collect users' feedback that can be used to improve any of your products and marketing experience, but you can also gather leads using this platform. 

If you want to be optimal with your lead generations, you can use Qualaroo to perform both of these tasks. 

This way, your customer feedback tool can double as a type of popup form. Even if you are not planning to use Qualaroo for lead generation, this too can still be invaluable for gathering user experience and conversion optimization insights. 


If you are having a troublesome time generating enough traffic, Quora is an excellent place to use for such problems. I have personally received tons of views from my answers in the past, and traffic has always led to a high conversion rate. 

To ensure you use Quora to its best potential, you will want to search for questions that have a high follow-to-answer ratio. That means exactly that you should look for questions that a lot of people have added to their following questions but have only a couple of answers. 

Furthermore, after you have made a piece of content, find a couple of Quora questions that are relevant to your content, and provide a short version of the answer that connects back to your content. 

For instance, at the end of your answer, include an anchor text linking back to the content that offers a more in-depth answer to the person's question. 

The results over time will increase, and you will be rewarded with search engines along with much more traffic to your content and website. 


Leadformly is a conversion optimization platform that helps you maximize conversion in the place that matters the most, your web forms. While there are tons of form builder platforms on the market, few of them have a form analytics tool you need to measure performance and optimize your forms. 

The ones that do offer these analytic tools tend to fall short of providing the data insight required to best optimize your form conversions. 

Fortunately, Leadformly has stepped up to the plate by providing details from analytics on the user's actions that matter. 

For instance, it shows you the final form field users were filling out before they quit the session. It also shows you how long it takes a user to complete the entire form and individual fields so you can highlight the unmanageable areas of your forms and improve them. 

Instead of merely providing form completion rates and metrics that show you how poorly your form is performing, Leadformly offers you the tools required to diagnose issues and either remove them or fix them. 


There is enough potential leads on your website, yet only a few of them fill out any of your inquiry forms. While it is possible for you to significantly increase the number of visitors filling out your forms by using tools such as LeadFormely, there will always be some of those leads that fall through the crack. 

Fortunately, LeadForensics is capable of resolving this issue by using the visitor’s IP address to inform you which companies are viewing your websites even if they are not filling out your inquiry forms. 

Your sales team can then go onto Linkedin, search for the marketing manager’s name, and call the company to ask to speak with this person. That not only increases the number of targeted leads your business acquires but also leads to an excellent conversion rate as the leads are already familiar with your business. 


The capability to capture and convert leads is mostly dependent on your email marketing and CRM platform. At the end of the day, if you are not able to properly segment and use rule-based follow-up with leads, you will have a hard time qualifying and converting those leads. 

ActiveCampaignm allows you to track every interaction a lead has with your website, which can be used as triggers for your email marketing campaigns. That means you can notify your team as soon as leads visit a particular page on your website. You can also automatically follow up with cold leads every couple of months or develop email campaigns to nurture them back into warm leads.


Prospect.io is an email automation platform that places a heavy emphasis on outbound marketing strategies. This solution offers an email finder tool that assists you with building lists for cold email campaigns and a separate verification tool to refine your lists. 

Afterward, you can develop and automate drip campaigns by either building your email from scratch or using the platform’s library of templates. You also receive analytics and reporting that allow you to measure campaign performance. 


Hull.io is a customer data platform that assists you with amassing and centralizing every bit of data you have from various marketing tools. It also assists you with pushing that data out to your marketing tool so you can operationalize it and personalize the entire experience in real-time.

You can look for customer data platforms as an essential aspect of a personalization strategy since you usually require three components to make personalization work. Those three components are robust user data, the ability to deliver experience, and content. 

Hull.io helps you by collecting data and delivering experiences. When you combine this with other tools, you can give yourself tons of data points to use. You can enhance your personalized lead generation campaigns with this platform. 


UpViral is a reward, sweepstake, and waitlist campaign platform that makes it easy for entrants to follow your brand on social media, visit your YouTube channel, subscribe to your newsletter, and much more. 

The platform is mostly known for sweepstakes and has some pre-built campaign templates, automated trigger emails, real-time fraud detection, and unlocking milestones that ensure the participant remains motivated. UpViral is capable of doing things that few other content platforms are incapable of doing, such as verifying that actions have taken place. 

The most significant issue with content platforms is the number of people attempting to cheat the system. UpViral is capable of verifying these entries to social networks, which should reduce the number of steps needed to enter, saves you time, and drives higher quality entries to your campaign. Furthermore, UpViral has an exceptional interactive leaderboard that uses gamification, which can generate tons of leads in a short amount of time. 


UpViral users will also gain access to sales tools on the platform that assists with increasing ROI and lower ad costs. 


SEMrush is a great SEO tool for on-site auditing and running a health check on your websites’ technical SEO. SEMrush's reputation is mainly known for being excellent for its keyword research capabilities; its site auditing functionality is a great feature. It provides you with a thorough checklist of all of your site’s technical SEO opportunities. 

SEMrush is also specifically fantastic at permitting junior employees or those who are less experienced with technical SEO to reach the same conclusion as your senior SEO employees, which is excellent for the price they are asking.


While Clearbit comes with a form tool, it does have a much broader use case for lead generation no matter which form or lead capture tool you are using. It helps you enrich contact profile data, which means you do not have to ask for every detailed information in a mile-long form. 

The only thing you will need is an email address or corporate domain, and Clearbit Enrichment fills out the rest of the critical data such as company size and industry. It also appends it to your CRM records in your product or any other location you need them. 


LeadIQ is a platform that offers you a sales team and recruiters the quickest way to generate lists of verified contact data from the web and synchit into a spreadsheet or Salesforce. The data that this platform acquires for your business is always up to dae. LeadIQ prides tiself for being a database that does not keep any stale information on their servers.  

LeadIQ ensures your prospecting attempts have you find the data you need in real time by scouring the web for the information you need. The time you spend entering prospect data will be near-zero. Prospecting will become a seamless and fun process for your sales team, making them acquire leads with little to no issue. LeadIQ technology is capable of automating the time-consuming and inefficient parts of sales jobs and increasing their productivity tenfold. 


Many Chat promotes itself as a chat marketing platform that is capable of assisting you with starting conversations and developing relationships with prospects. The platform is simple and effective to use, it allows you to connect your Messenger, SMS, and email marketing all in a single place. 

When it comes to lead generation, ManyChat can help you out in several ways. The platform can send out highly targeted emails and SMS messages to your prospects. It’s capable of generating qualified leads with less budget, which is great for startups. It is capable of streamlining your conversion path and connecting your sales and marketing teams. 

This platform is free and easy to use, plus it offers you instructions on how to develop your own lead-generating Messenger bot machine in less than 24 minutes. 


As you can see, this list provides you with some of the best platforms for your lead generation needs. Each of these is still capable of helping you make it through 2022, and to ensure you remain on top of your game, having these at your disposal is highly recommended. 

Hopefully, this article has managed to help you find the tools you need to improve your lead generation.